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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 14, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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without airconditioning and the decks below. so many people just setting up quarters on the deck of the ship while it was in transit. earlier today, the coast guard was called out the ship to medevac a female passenger who suffered an apparent stroke. they used a 45-foot long response boat and brought her to dolphin island to meet an ambulance. and then at approximately 12:30 central time. one of the tug boats reported a broken tow line. they repaired it but it further delayed the ship. shep? >> shepard: coverage throughout the night. jonathan serrie, thank you. and on this day in 1962, millions of americans tuned in to see the white house as they had never before seen it. in what was billed as a valentine's day special. jacqueline kennedy opened the house to tv cameras, first time that had ever happened. the first lady showed off all her new renovations and explained the history of each room. it was the first real look inside the president's home for millions of americans. it helped personalize the office for many years to come.
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jackie kennedy's performance was a smash hit. scoring her piles of fan mail. even an emmy award. both cbs and nbc carried it. three out of four american tv viewers tuned in, three out of four. so popular abc aired encore a few nights later it was on valentine's day that americans fell in love with a first lady turned tour guide 51 years ago today. and now you know the news for this thursday, valentine's day, february 14th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in tonight. and for trusting us for your news and information. we're back tomorrow. the factor is coming up. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> senator rubio laid out the right wing vision for america. and -- oh, what was i saying? >> bill: liberal tv media
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overdosing on the senator rubleio water situation. one network showed the clip 155 times. what should rubio do? >> we will tell you. >> as far as dorner himself goes, he has been like a real life super hero to many people. >> dr. marc lamont hill causing big controversy for comments he made about the mass killer and excop christopher dorner. will dr. hill apologize? he will be here. >> dread lock effect. >> smoke marijuana, also? >> bill: jesse watters goes to the big westminster dog show and makes some new friends. >> that's good. >> caution. you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the democratic party a very
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lucky crew. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, the obama campaign was successful in demonizing mitt romney. they defined him as out-of-touch, a rich guy who doesn't care about the folks. and the governor was not able to counter that on the campaign. so the left has learned a very important lesson. marginalize your opponent early and often. enter marco rubio who committed the grave sin of taking a drink of water during his speech tuesday night. that gave the propaganda people on the left a big time opening. on msnbc. they played the senator's water video 155 times. , 101 times on a program alone. on cnn they played the video 34 times. even using a kyron saying career ender? with a question mark. cnn spokesman says that was just a tease. by the way fox news ran the video of rubio 12 times.
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so you can see what's in play. let's diminish marco rubio. let's make him a buffoon so he will not be able to challenge liberal orthodoxy. the pipeline goes this way. the tv operation starts something and it's picked up by the late night comedians. >> actually the most impressive thing about president obama's speech last night he did the whole thing without a single drink of water. [ laughter ] >> why was the water so far away? it would have been less awkward if he reached down the front of his pants to get it. [ laughter ] it would have been less awkward had he been wearing one of these on his head during the speech. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry, just i'm nervous tonight for some reason. i'm just sweating a bit so i had to just -- i'm just going to -- just going to -- get something to drink here. >> true professional knows how to cover, you just cover your problem by always maintaining eye contact with the home viewer.
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>> kept things going through marco rubio's mind at this moment. number a that looked presidential, right? >> bill: now, after all that, the message gets to the folks. rubio is a rube. you can see what a powerful advantage this is for the democratic party. if a liberal politician took a drink of water during a speech, msnbc would not have played it 155 times. now, there is nothing we the people can do about any of this. it's just a state of america today. tv news is mored into propaganda. marco rubio and other republicans better understand the world. rubio is being smart by making a joke out of it. he should also address the serious issue involved. the left will do anything, anything to marginalize the senator. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. dr. marc lamont hill teaches at columbia university here in new york city and has appeared
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on the factor a number of times. you may have seen him. is he an ardent liberal guy. that's fine. all points of view are to be heard on this program. but yesterday on cnn, dr. hill said something very controversial about mass killer christopher dorner. >> and as far as dorner himself goes, he has been like a real life super hero to many people. now, don't get me wrong what he did was awful killing innocent people. >> that's true. >> it's bad. when he read the manifesto. he wasn't entirely crazy. he had a plan and mission here. many people aren't routing for him to kill innocent people they are rooting for somebody who is wrong. it's like watch django in change in real life kind of exciting. >> bill: put yourself in the family members who are grieving because of his murders. how do you think they are reacting because of that analysis? joining us is dr. lamont hill. to be fair to you because i have known you a long time
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give you a chance to explain this. go. >> first of all you mentioned the family members of the victims. and quite frankly, my heart goes out to them. and if my words in any way caused them any pain or trauma or stress, more than they already are experiencing, i offer them my deepest condolences and my apologies. i have no problem saying that. what i was saying on cnn was not that i support corner and he was a super hero to me. i was asked to explain why he was getting so much online support. to many people they're not seeing him as a mass killer. media narrative is that he is not a mass killer someone wronged by a corrupt department and exacting his revenge which was the jango comparison. i'm not condoning what he did. americans are capable of having two thoughts at the same time. dorner was wrong for what he did, but there might be a real story here about corruption, about violence, about targeting individual people that we can also talk about at the same time. i think that's what this
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crisis has introduced did he dued for us. >> bill: let me tell you why you are wrong. any kind of historical context when a heinous crime is committed, you cannot take anything away from the crime by trying to explain why certain misguided people are supporting the killer. that would be like saying there are some russians who supported stalin because they were victims of the czar who took their land away. you can't do it. i understand what you were trying to do. you were trying to explain this mind set on the internet and the call-in radio programs that people who hate the police and think the l.a. police is racist are trying to explain what put dorner over the edge. i got it. >> yeah. >> bill: but what you didn't do and number one, i don't even think that engagement is worthy this close to the crimes. you let things die down a little bit before you get into
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that. condemnation of dorner and the people supporting him absolutely. but you didn't do that. you condemn dorner not the people supporting him which i condemn the both. that's why you put yourself in a position to be chastised. do you understand my point of view? >> i do understand your point of view. i wish in retrospect that i had explained further. i don't think though that the fundamental argument that i was making was wrong even though if the message itself gets lost. if we are having this conversation then we are not having the conversation that i actually want to have. >> bill: you can't have a conversation on speculation. >> it's not speculation, bill. >> bill: it absolutely is speculation. because the system ruled a judge and an investigative capacity for the l.a. police department that dorner did something wrong and he was fired. now the l.a.p.d. has reopened the investigation, fine. >> they have to. >> bill: but right now -- no they don't. they don't have to do anything. >> in the face of media scrutiny, bill they have to. >> bill: if the media wants to scrutinize i don't have a problem with that you come up
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with the fax first. don't speculate on things you don't have any facts on. >> every year they get thousands of complaints of brutality and corruption. >> bill: every police department gets that. >> i know. >> every major police department those claims get investigated by their internal affairs bureau. in other words, the police investigate the police and decide whether or not the police were wrong or right. in that context, you don't get justice. there is no outside force. let me finish. >> bill: macroanalysis of why police should be investigated nothing to do you know, with police. i don't have a beef with that. >> that's what this crisis allows for. it would be irresponsible of us to simply talk about dorner as the crazy mad man and not also also i'm saying this also people out there also talk about police corruption. >> bill: you can only do that when you have evidence that police corruption is in play and there is no evidence in this case. and the second mistake that
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you make and being a professor, this comes right into your academic background is that you give credibility to a killer. to a guy who is obviously not thinking clearly. he killed four human beings, innocent human beings. you don't give any credibility to him. anything he says. and everything he says is suspect because of what he did. do you understand that? >> that's why it's important to disintangle those two things. i'm not saying investigate the l.a.p.d. because christopher dorner initiates the conversation about the l.a.p.d. or police more broadly. there is already a decade or excuse me century long critique of the l.a.p.d. that we need to have. he puts the spotlight back on it i'm not legitimizing killing. >> bill: that conversation combings later then. >> no. you don't get to make that decision, bill. you don't get to decide. there are people who are -- >> bill: i get to decide here, doctor. >> you get to decide when we talk about police brutality, bill? >> bill: don't get yourself in even more trouble here.
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>> you are not right about this. >> bill: less than 24 hours after a police officer is murdered by this thug, you are out there with hypothesis. you have got to give it a little time. >> bill, it's not a ohio pot sis to say police corruption exists. >> bill: not in this case, it doesn't. you can't link it. >> i'm not saying that christopher dorner's manifesto is true or false. that's not my claim. >> bill: you were insensitive, doctor. >> i. >> bill: you were insensitive to victims' families, that's what you were. >> like i say if i was insensitive to the families i offer them my condolences but i'm still saying. >> bill: take the if out thereof and you have got it why appreciate you coming on the program. i don't want hill to suffer here because hill has been a stand-up guy over the years but i absolutely think you are wrong and insensitive and that's my opinion. next on the run down, lou dobbs on president obama's economic statements. dobbs says some of them are
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flat out false. later, megyn kelly has been looking into the senator menendez alleged corruption situation. he will update us on that and we're coming right back. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time.od. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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>> bill: lou's the boss segment tonight. many with of the stars of the fox business channel lou dobbs. you have the highest rated show on. >> absolutely. >> bill: it's stunning, at any t it? >> it is. i always say thank you for accidents whenever they occur like that. >> bill: you can have statistics that prove anything, right? whenever you are a politician throwing out the statistics you have to shrug your shoulders. claims 6 million new jobs have been created on his watch. and you say. >> i say the number isn't even close to that what they did, imagine this, an administration looking to favor itself with the timing. instead of beginning with 2009 when he took office.
5:17 pm
they let it roll up another year. they didn't take that number until the february 2010 number when most of the job losses had already moved on by so that number is reduced then to 1. million. then you throw in public sector jobs that were lost. and you are down to 1.2 million scrobs. a far cry from 6 million. >> bill: that's what he created on his watch. both private and public jobs? >> both. yes. how can he say he created businesses? >> he said businesses which obviously, you know, is another way of saying just the private sector. he kind of left the other stuff out. i'm sure it was absolute -- >> bill: how can he say he created 6 billion private jobs when you say he has created 1.2. how can he do that? >> i'm sure it's a misunderstanding between himself. >> bill: do you have any idea how he could arrive at that 6 million number? >> i think that number is probably as close enough for government work is the way i would put it.
5:18 pm
>> bill: all right. so to you it's a fiction. >> it's an utter fiction. >> bill: second thing is, the president claimed that manufacturers in the u.s.a. have added a half million jobs. 500,000. and you say? >> again, it's a question of timing and the time frame. again, in this instance, he goes back to 2010 and begins in january. the count or at least his. >> bill: first year of his tenure he doesn't count anything. >> doesn't count anything in that statement. in fact, we have lost 6 million manufacturing jobs. >> bill: 600,000? >> 600,000 rather than 500,000. >> bill: instead of a gain of 500, you say, you lou dobbs. >> negative 600,000. >> bill: on the fox business channel says we have lost 600,000. >> absolutely. >> bill: again, big discrepancy. >> big discrepancy it leaves out the fact that we still have 3 million fewer manufacturing jobs in this country today than we did 10 years ago. the president's statement almost sounds like we have recovered those jobs to the --
5:19 pm
added. >> bill: bush administration. >> absolutely. >> bill: that's two fictions. >> correct. >> bill: you are saying. guns, the president claimed that police chiefs are outgunned by criminals. >> yes. this is a sad statement. because he has got people in the audience with the green rib bob's, the victims of newtown, connecticut. and their families the truth is that 323 people in the most recent year, 20011, lost their lives to rifles. which includes assault weapons, all kinds of long guns. 496 people were killed by hammers and clubs. >> bill: assault rifles and all of this which is the subject of bans, they don't as much damage as they are trying to say they do. >> exactly. it's a fiction. >> bill: one more. >> and one known to the administration. >> bill: green energy. the president claimed that we have doubled the distance of cars how far they can go in a tank of gas. >> well, again, i'm sure it's just a misunderstanding. >> bill: another one? >> 27 miles to the gallon.
5:20 pm
>> bill: yes. >> is the current overall rate for. >> bill: on the highway. >> on the highway. and by 202025 we will have cars on the highway through agreement with the manufacturers of an average of 54 miles to the gal loan. >> bill: that's good. >> that's great but that's 2025 not now. in fact, the changes that will allow us to move towards that 54 or doubling as the president said it and made it sound as if it were today doesn't even take place until 2017. >> he didn't say it was 12 years away. >> no. he forgot to put that in there. >> bill: lou dobbs, everybody. keeping an eye on the situation. >> thank you. >> bill: directly ahead. outrageous video that we the taxpayers funded has to do with training federal employees that you are not going to believe what you are about to hear. a factor exclusive moments away. protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s.,
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>> bill: impact seeing. inculcating, word of the day propaganda into the federal workforce. watchdog organization judicial watch filed a freedom of information act to get videos about cultural sensitivity training being done by took a while. >> the pilgrims illegal aliens? >> pilgrims illegal aliens. >> state the pilgrims never gave their passport to the illegal alien ares. >> by the way i don't like the word minority. about emerging majorities. [ laughter ] all right. easy, easy, easy. down, down. but people label minorities.
5:25 pm
more likely to fail in technical areas because they are less intelligent. true or false? >> false. >> it's false. number one, how did you get this story? how did you know this was going on? >> well, someone who attended one of those training sessions, the usda employee whistle blower told us about it he thought it was outrageous or she thought it was outrageous, i don't know the sex of the whistle blower. they wanted us to find out about it we got the videos and began asking for them in may only received them last month a lot of money is being spent here. that gentleman was making $7,600 per training session. at least $200,000 over two years. 125,000 or so just last year alone. and these are mandatory training sessions according to the whistle blower. >> bill: all right. so this training session that we saw there was on june 28th, 2011.
5:26 pm
and a month even month before you guys -- no. you guys were looking at this even before that. you knew this was going on, right? if you say may. it was it may of 2011 or 12. >> 2000 12. we found out. but this has been going on for some time there. >> bill: gets 7 a, 7600 for session. how many sessions do they have? is it ongoing training thing. >> yeah. he does multiple sessions over a period of time. so, it looks like there is at least a half a dozen sessions. >> bill: just this has cost the taxpayers about $200,000. why are they doing this? i mean, why is the u.s. da doing this? >> under the obama administration they decided to make the diversity the end you will be all at the department of agriculture. they talk about cultural transformation. this gentleman in the video and the video is available on the internet in its entirety. we are not taking anything out of context. he believes that the to be
5:27 pm
sexist, racist and homophobe bic is to quote normal and that's our normal outlook. we need to be transnormal. it's really odd way of talking about things. and the call and response technique frank solid brainwashing white for the politically correct set. it's very controversial. it's a waste of money. >> bill: sure. if you are a government employee and you have to go to this, you are listening to this guy go pill griments are illegal aliens it's a political statement. there is no educational value to that point of view. let's roll a little bit more of the tape. >> together we can make an extension of each other's quest to make america stronger, healthier and freer to work for all of us. say thank you, black folks. say thank you, black folks. >> thank you, black folks. i want you to say america was founded by outsiders. say that. >> america founded by outside.
5:28 pm
>> the insiders. >> bill: that guy is samuel betances 71 years old. white mother, black father. sociology professor northeastern university. received a doctorate from harvard. obviously a very liberal guy. and old sam is cleaning up. is he a big winner here. sam is the big winner, right? >> he will with, is he making a lot of money. he and his firm. he has an extraordinary background. you know, there is some good stuff in there he has good advice. he has been around the block a few times. this politicization, this cultural diversity program, this is a main -- this is the main activity of a lot of agencies or a lot of employees and a lot of government agencies at the federal government. when you look at the list of with him, thencies that question is, who isn't working with him. in terms of. >> bill: he is in, he is in with the feds. making buoy could you dollars
5:29 pm
beau coup dollars. he ought to be on msnbc in guy. why isn't he doing that? i want the u.s. agricultural department to make sure the food i'm eating is okay. i don't want them talking about the pilgrims being illegal aliens. call me crazy. i'm paying them. they are getting paid while they are going to this. >> your tax dollars at rest, bill. >> bill: at rest indeed. good work getting that out. we appreciate it plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. outrageous situation in new jersey. supreme court there rules a mother who takes cocaine two days before she gives birth is not guilty of child abuse. also megyn kelly on new jersey senator robert menendez being on corruption. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. ] ihop in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4. it's like a sexy sandwich.
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>> bill: in the are we crazy segment tonight, by man unanimous vote 5-0 the new jersey supreme court has ruled that a mother who ingested cocaine just two days before going into labor was not neglectful or abusive to her baby. the supreme court overruled the new jersey division of child protection which tried to take the baby away from the mother, at least temporarily, citing neglect. joining us now from san diego dr. bonnie farce a psychologist and attorney and from los angeles dr. wendy walsh also a psychologist. so, this is disturbing. taking cocaine is against the law.
5:34 pm
put her baby in danger, viable baby two days before birth i say it stinks. this is awful thing. clearly a chronic drug user. you don't just decide two days before giving birth to try crack cocaine and now are we going to do wait until the baby gets into environment real neglect abuse in the eye of the law around a drug infested environment? i think it's terrible that she was able to keep this baby. >> bill: i agree with you. what is the why? why the five jurists the highest in the state of new jersey see it the other way and don't do anything literally nothing to this mother? why? dr. walsh? >> they don't do it because they say it's not a human yet. it's a fetus. >> bill: even when two days from being birthed? >> apparently you have to have a crack pipe in your mouth while you are in labor and keep it in your mouth as the baby is handed into your arms for anything to be done. >> bill: i don't know if it will be done then, but you see
5:35 pm
that little bit differently i understand? >> bill, the court absolutely got it right here. parents have a constitutional right to raise and maintain their kids without undue interference from the government. and the bottom line is that the division of youth services here showed four documents, bill. this was a travesty. we left this child alone basically. this state, new jersey, doesn't have a law that applies to fetuses. 16 states do. >> bill: wait. maybe they don't have a specific law. but the department that is assigned to protect children basically said this mother is neglectful. all right? and that's our decision we want to have some kind of sanction against the mother where upon the new jersey supreme court says the mother wasn't neglectful. come on. >> bill, i ran a program for kids who are abused and neglected for four years. i have been an expert. >> bill: you don't think that's neglect, doctor?
5:36 pm
you don't think cocaine two days before birthing is neglect? >> drug use puts you at risk for being a bad parent. it doesn't make you a bad parent. >> bill: it goes directly into the baby's system. you you are ingesting illegal substance that goes into the baby. >> bill, with all do respects, the science doesn't back you up. >> bill: of course it does. >> no it doesn't. the science does not back you in here. >> bill: obstetricians in here who will say that what you ingest as a mother whether it be food or water goes into the baby's system. everyone knows that. oh, come on. >> i'm sure you can get an m.d. in here to say anything you. okay? i have been a brain imager. i have studied. i have been working with the best and i have done brain imaging. no, bill, you are wrongs on this. >> bill: if this isn't neglect nothing is no protection for american babies, none. now, let's get into the why of it? >> you want to do prevention and intervention on this. not the legal system. >> bill: stop with the theory, all right? you have got a baby who had
5:37 pm
cocaine put into the baby's system. that's a crime. in any humane society. we're not a humane society and that's the crux of the matter since row v. wade. >> that's why. >> >> it's not a crime. >> bill: since roe v. wade passed in 197,045,000,000 babies, potential babies, whatever you want to put it have been destroyed. and now that mentality of they are not worth anything, 45 million. they are garbage, okay? that now. >> your heart is in the right place. >> we don't abort babies two days before they are born. >> your heart is in the right place. bill, this is absolutely you are in the right place, we don't take good enough care of kids and especially prenatally. >> bill: we treat babies like garbage not the individual parents but the state of america treats babies like garbage. 30 seconds, dr. walsh. >> you are going to put them in the foster care system,
5:38 pm
bill? >> bill: i would take this baby away from this woman and i drug test the woman until she was clean. then maybe -- >> -- where are you going to put the baby? you are going to tear up the family. >> bill: better off. >> tear up the family. >> that's the big question. >> bill: under a drug addicted woman, period. >> come with me sometime and visit a foster family. >> bill: what do you think i was born yesterday? don't give me any of that. i knew 10 times as much as b. this as you do. i have seen it. i have been there. >> i beg to differ, mr. o'reilly. >> bill: you are nuts. a crack addicted mother has no legal right to it ingest cocaine into that baby's system, period. and if you don't get that, there is something the matter with you. >> this is fabulous. >> billie, sadly in new jersey, she absolutely does. change the law. >> bill: i don't want to get upset. >> i agree with you, bill. i agree with you. >> bill: we come right back, megyn kelly with the latest on senator menendez facing corrupt investigation. watters world goes to the
5:39 pm
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5:43 pm
ago contract to his friend dr. simon melgium could be worth 500 million bucks. he has no experience in the business involved and providing trips to the senator on his private jet. here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. before we get you announced on your program you are pregnant. >> expecting third baby. thank you. >> bill: do you think i was too tough on dr. forester on that debate. >> no, i don't. >> bill: we like her. she is a smart woman. you don't need to comment on this. in this country now, babies, no protections. >> let me tell you, bill. being pregnant, you can't even take an ibuprofen. there is so much you can't take. >> bill: go to jerusalem is i. you can take heroin and cocaine there. >> literally you can't take ibuprofen. i have to take regular strength tylenol not extra strength. >> bill: responsible doctors and parents know whatever you ingest go into the baby. >> right. >> bill: five pinheads on the
5:44 pm
new jersey supreme court don't quite get that they do get it but they don't care. get to robert menendez. looks like a classic bribery situation that's being set up. you don't want to convict the senator on the program. we know that the doctor that he is trying to steer the big contract in the dominican republic to is under investigation by the fbi. he has no experience. >> is he ophthalmologist. >> bill: this was a port security situation. >> at the time that senator menendez began al voyeur indicating for more screenings at ports in the dominican republic. this guy buys an x-ray company that would be capable of doing the screenings. >> bill: so why would senator menendez from new jersey care about screening in the dominican republic? >> allegedly based on homeland security. we need to have. >> bill: for the dominican republic? >> he is very interested in the dominican republic. >> bill: why? >> you tell me. >> bill: i don't know. >> his critics say he loves going down there. and critics claim he likes it for other reasons too. >> bill: it's f. it's hoboken
5:45 pm
i can understand. doe mingo i'm not getting it. >> way it's emerging in the reports these two have long standing relationship. it may have merged into i will scratch your back if you scratch mine. allegations flew on the jet and shouldn't have done that only disclosed it once he got caught. helped pave the way for this guy to make all this money in this port screening deal. the one that is the most troubling still is that he allegedly had sex with underaged prostitutes in the dominican republic and the reason i mention that, bill, is that because that of all the things is he accused of. that's the one crime that is a felony under u.s. law. >> bill: if he can be -- if it can be proved that he steered money to this guy, contract of 500 million and the guy was giving him money for his campaign, which he did, and the democratic party. >> you have to be pretty explicit. >> bill: i think they are after him on that level. the prostitution thing we will see how that goes. >> he denies all of this. says it's all nonsense. >> bill: still in new jersey, jessica's law. we were encouraging, gently
5:46 pm
you know how i am. the state to pass it. they're making progress? on r. they on jessica's law. >> i am. actually they are making progress. passed it in the senate now it's going to the state assembly where they have added a little amendment that gives the prosecutors some leeway if the child victim doesn't want to testify. and it looks like that's going to pass hopefully in the new jersey assembly go back to the senate. >> bill: goes through all the bureaucracy. >> i don't want to say that. >> like worse than the so hoping they speed te'o long. and by the way, in hawaii, they are also making some inroads. so, you know, we're watching that, too. finally, california preschool, religious school had to close because education allegations against 4 and 5-year-olds. where is that case? >> these poor little kids engaged in sexual acts with each other because the
5:47 pm
teachers decided to sleep during the nap time that was supposed to be the nap for the children. >> bill: kids. they didn't know. they thought it was both. >> yes. >> ridiculous. >> the teacher's aids decided nap time for them, too. >> bill: what are the authorities doing? >> now the school has been closed down. they claim it's only because well their principal quit and they couldn't find another one. this school needs to be shutdown permanently. a lawsuit is going to be filed against the school and against the administrator and against the aids who were in there. i think they need to make sure that these aides who decided to sleep when there were repeated incidents of these children -- >> bill: criminal charges. >> need to never teach again. need to never supervise children again. criminal charges, no one is talking about that yet. that would probably be a tougher case to make. >> bill: megyn kelly, everybody. if i would have fell asleep in the class i would have been descrind naked. >> i tough school. watters world on deck. jesse goes to the dogs. he has been there before. they don't like him.
5:48 pm
watters is next. watch this -- alakazam! ♪ male announcer ] staples has always made getting office supplies easy. ♪ another laptop? don't ask. disappear! abracadabra! alakazam! [ male announcer ] and now we're making it easier to get everything for your business. and for my greatest trick! enough! [ male announcer ] because whatever you need, we'll havet or find it, and geit to you fast. staples. that was easy.
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>> back of back of the book segment tonight. westminster's kennel club dog show biggest one in the country took place here in week in new york city. a little black dog named banana joe won the trophy beating out 2700 dogs as best in show. we sent jesse watters to check it all out. ♪ ♪ who let the going dogs out ♪ >> who is is this? >> this is dublin the english setter. >> the dog's name is mic. >> what kind of dog is it. >> english mastiff one of the oldest breeds. >> his name is dudley, champion. >> sad to see in some countries these dogs are eaten.
5:52 pm
>> this is a come man door. >> they were played this way so they blend in with a flock of sheep. >> black deign in the history of the breed. >> is the technical term bitch. >> yes. >> world series of dog shows teaching the public about responsible ownership. >> expenses for this animal, what are we talking about here per month, approximately. >> believe it or not, he doesn't eat much. >> how much? >> how much what? >> this one eats about three pounds of raw meet meat a day. >> a month would probably be a hundred a month. >> $900. >> 1500, 2500, $3,000. to breed a great dog. >> i bred the dog and whend him. >> what does that mean. >> birthed him. >> did you take lamaze before that. [screams] >> showch a handler. >> 75 to $1,200 a day. >> whoa. is he not a fox hater is he. [barking] >> got the dread locks. does it smoke marijuana, also? >> best in show winner, the
5:53 pm
affenpinscher. >> people actively campaigning for their individual animals? >> like any other sport, a little bit of politics. >> definitely people campaigning try to win and go best in show. >> if you win best and show, what are we talking here? >> you actually don't win any money. >> you get a ribbon. >> a big ribbon and prestige. >> do you take out ads? >> yeah, try fold centerfold in show site magazine last month. >> that's sexy. when you are judging, what exactly are you looking for? >> you look for a dog that fits the essence of the written breed standard under the american kennel club guidelines. >> has an owner ever tried to grease you? >> grease me? no. [ laughter ] >> what are you suggesting, my dear man? >> your dog could vote, would he be a republican or democrat dog. >> he would be a republican. >> he is like a 1 percenter type of dog? >> if you are looking for politics you could find it in any sport. >> if you are looking for integrity, you will find it here. >> is there anything a handler
5:54 pm
or dog can do now to sway the judge? >> nothing at all. >> would you like a kiss? >> i'm really afraid. i'm actually married. >> she likes kissing. >> is she thinking what i'm thinking? >> the president said he ate dog growing up as a child. >> lovely, what's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? a pit bull is delicious. [ laughter ] >> i'm hoping did he that by mistake, maybe. i don't know. >> i thought that was horrifying. >> so if he invites you to the white house you are not coming. >> if dublin wins best in show we'll consider going. >> unless he is on the menu? >> maybe -- >> maybe i'm not her type? are you an o'reilly factor fannie chance? >> every night. every single night. >> a fan of the show or not? >> interesting. >> do you ever watch bill o'reilly on fox news channel? >> yes, i do. >> are you a factor fan by any chance. >> not really. >> everybody has got to dump on somebody, right? of course? >> i spend my whole life at dog shows. i don't watch anything. >> i kind of feel bullied when
5:55 pm
i watch the show. >> why don't you cry about it. >> that's good. that's good. >> this banana joe dog, pop that dog. what did that dog do to beat out 2700 others? >> the dog had a great personality. >> strenuously it falls over. >> netherlands. >> this dog is dutch. >> a dutch dog. >> drug test the dog. it speaks, i think it understands five different languages and six years old. >> barks in five different languages impressive. >> huge stead fee because it wins. >> sure. >> banana joe is living large. >> banana joe. >> the dog didn't like you. the dogs know. >> i'm not a dog guy. >> they sense father. >> are you afraid of the dog? >> some of the bigger dogs a little bit if something
5:56 pm
happens. >> not afraid of me but afraid of the dogs. >> piece of cake. >> watters inexplicably is going to be co-hosting the five right now. >> you have got to uphold the banner with those people. >> producer said when i'm on the five going to have to call it the 4 and a half. >> don't take any garbage from beckel. watch him. don't let him get behind you. >> i won't. >> bill: jesse watters, everybody, factor tip of the day. some advice for the kids. the tip 60 seconds away. hi. hi.
5:57 pm
i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. >> time for the tip of the day advice kids should hear in a moment. first we should remind you if you become a bill o'reilly premium member we'll send one of my books free of charge and if you buy the books outright at free copy of declaration of independence suitable for framing and the killing
5:58 pm
lincoln movie on national geographic this coming sunday, and i've seen it and you will like it it. >> and from pennsylvania, amazing the federal government is drowning in debt. if the media focuses on rubio sipping water. and the division by the left. >> and cedar rapids iowa for heavens sake, o'reilly, the coverage was simply a joke. grow up. too late for that. what you don't get is that by making a joke out of rubio, the left is trying to marginalize him, maybe you don't get it, nothing good natured about it. >> and from st. augustine, florida, bob beckel say that poor americans who live in the inner city are not able to move elsewhere to find work, and how does it square with illegal aliens travelling thousands of miles entering the u.s. for tareen. and why was beckel intense
5:59 pm
when you used the word urchinville? my father used it as a term of endearment. and apparently kurtz does not understand the difference between our news and analysis and cnn wonders why they're losing audience. and from florida, howard is right, he won the debate. and washington, your debate with kurtz is like watching soro slice and dice someone's clothes off without drawing blood. and now that you mention it, i wish that katherine zeta jones was the guest instead. and put this in with this verse to my wife. roses are red, foxes are wily, your valentine's gift is bill o'reilly. and i hope she's


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